A History of Innovation, Quality and Superior Service

FiberVisions grew out of the Fibers Division at Hercules Incorporated. Established in the 1960s, this division produced staple and filament fibers primarily for the furnishings and carpet markets. Through its extensive product and market development efforts, the division created many new applications, particularly in the fast-growing nonwoven fabric area.  
In 1997, the Fibers Division of Hercules formed a joint venture with the Danaklon Group of Jacob Holm & Sons A/S of Denmark. Known as FiberVisions, this joint venture became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hercules in 1998. This gave FiberVisions a global footprint with operations in the U.S., Denmark and China. 
FiberVisions expanded its line of bicomponent fibers with the formation of ES FIBERVISIONS in 2000, a joint venture with Chisso Corporation of Japan.

In 2006 Hercules sold a controlling interest in FiberVisions to Snow Phipps Group, LLC (SPG), a private equity firm based in New York City. SPG subsequently acquired the entire company, providing FiberVisions with the financial backing to invest in its continued growth. 
In January 2012 Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited acquired FiberVisions from SPG. This has given FiberVisions an even stronger capability to develop fiber innovations to help customers successfully meet the ever changing and increasing market demands and helps ensure that FiberVisions will remain the world leader in supplying bicomponent and performance polyolefin fibers.

FiberVisions Corporation

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