Technology Innovation


FiberVisions has a long history of innovation in polyolefin and bicomponent fibers.  Our R&D focuses on creating new fibers that help reduce system cost while enhancing performance and sustainability.  Here's a sampling of our innovations since 2006:

  • Trilobal PP fibers for carded spunlaced nonwoven fabrics, such as baby wipes
  • Hollow PP for carded through air bonded nonwovens used in acquisition distribution layers
  • PE sheath/PET (polyester) core short-cut bico fibers air laid wipes and hygiene products
  • Special finish for air laid fibers that reduces dusting in air laid nonwovens containing fluff pulp
  • Eccentric core PE/PP bico fibers for enhanced bulk in air through bonded nonwovens
  • Fine PP fibers for carded spunlace nonwovens for wipes and sanitary applications
  • Fine PP fibers for carded thermal bond applications
  • Monocomponent PE binder fibers for binding natural and recycled materials for insulation and similar high loft materials.
  • Purpose-designed PP binder fibers for lightweight composites with glass and other reinforcing fibers
  • PE/PP and PP/PET splittable fibers
  • Biodegradable bico fibers
  • Low melting point PE sheath/PP core fibers for very low bonding temperatures
  • Disperse dyeable PP stable fibers
  • Durably wettable PP fibers that remain wettable after extensive spunlacing
  • Special PP fibers for carded, needlepunch furniture backing, mattress covers and similar applications

These developments-and others now underway-leverage the investments we've made in our plants to stay on the leading edge of fiber technology.

Global R&D Facilities

Our R&D is carried out in a global environment.  Research labs in the US, Denmark, and Japan include pilot production operations for fibers and nonwovens as well as analytical facilities.

  • Fiber production lines vary in scale from small to large that simulate a real-world production line.
  • Each site has pilot card lines with calendar and through air bonding.
  • Our U.S. site also has the capability to make air laid products.
  • Analytical labs have a range of polymer, fiber, and nonwovens testing capabilities.
Leading consumer products companies and converters use our pilot lines - a convenient, cost-effective way to make concept samples for new products.

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