Products: Monocomponent and Bicomponent Fibers

FiberVisions develops, manufactures and markets polyolefin fibers for nonwoven, textile and industrial applications. Our fibers are used in nonwovens made by carding, wet lay and air laid web formation processes and consolidated by thermal bonding, air through bonding, needle punching and spunlacing.
Our capabilities include:

  • Typical titer range: 1-20 dtex
  • PP and PE monocomponent fibers
  • PP or PET core, PE sheath bicomponent fibers
  • Hydrophilic, durably hydrophilic, hydrophobic, other functional finishes
  • Natural (bright), white, or pigmented fibers
  • Range of fiber lengths

o        Short cut: 3 - 30 mm
o        Staple: 25 - 128 mm
  • Various fiber designs
  • Additives for enhanced performance

FiberVisions also manufactures a range of proprietary fibers for customers.

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